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7 Amazing Sites With Quality Free Stock Photos Easy Download

Free Stock Photos, Blogging And Digital Marketing

Photos and Blogging goes hand in hand in Digital Marketing workflow. These free stock photos create memories and trigger with your thought process. Firstly, a self expressive photo expresses and co-relate with the blog content. Secondly, these photos in any blog articles make a great impact as it enriches the content presentation and makes the article more attractive.

By the time when I started blogging since 2014, I was not aware of the SEO perspective of quality content that how photos on blog create impact on the SERP result.

Even without knowing that it may cause copyright© issue, we download images from Google and put it on the website or other projects of use.

But as of now with the rapid evolution of digital marketing, the perspective of uniqueness of content including photos is the key focus area in blogging.

Many blogger in the initial stage of blogging make this kind of mistake by using photos which are copyright© protected. Using these pictures can strike down the web rank and index process. Pairing up your articles, blogs, newsletter etc. with right kind of image is crucial to make them stand out on or off the internet.

Luckily I got a foothold on some of the websites that offers free stock photos for download in high resolution. In some cases you only need to register yourself as user. These sources let you download images under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License. You heard it right, which means that they remain free for personal and commercial use. Most of the photos don’t even require attribution though how it is appreciated in some cases.

Here is the list of my favorite 7 websites to download free stock photos with CC0 License.


has one of the largest collections of Free Stock Photos, Illustrations, Vector and Videos File list. For downloading high resolution pictures you need to register and then download.



is yet another in this list where you can download high resolution free stock photos with various topic search from the large collection of photos.



stock photos has high resolution images from semi-professional and professional photographers. Though, the collection is limited but you will get the good one compared to other websites of these category.



is yet another website which holds a large collection of beautiful free stock photos in high resolution for download. You can search photos by setting filters for date, trending, views and download. All the images come under CC0 license.


Google Image Search

is also one of the best ways to find images from the web which are kept in the public domain or have CC0 license available on the web. To check this, type the keyword you are willing to search image on the web. After pressing enter get the search result. Then apply filters by clicking on “Tools” tab, followed by usage rights. Select for Labeled for reuse with modification or Labeled for reuse. Choose wisely the most appropriate option as per your requirement. The above process not only show the images from the listed website here but also show result which are not in the list above.



is one extra ordinary in my bucket list. If you want fun, humorous, quirky picture then this is the website to surf. Though how the free stock photos are less in numbers but they will appeal the attention.



lets you search in your preferred orientation, mode and color scheme. This site is highly recommended for nature, food and drinks photographs. All the free stock photos are mostly bright and aesthetically pleasing and free to download.


Bonus Website In The List


is merely new website with astonishing fresh collection of free stock photos and videos with CC0 license. PikWizard provides free images and videos for personal and commercial use. You can search image by category wise or with the available tag available on the website for easy access. You can also search image by keywords from the website search bar. The uniqueness of PikWizard is that it has lot of pictures of people, which tend to be rare in free stock photo sites. It has over 1,00,000 completely free images on the site, over 20,000 of those are exclusive to them.



I hope this article is useful for your free stock photos selection and projects of digital marketing and self nurturing. Do make sure to check the terms of usage of free images. These seven websites and the bonus added website are the best which I refer for my use. If you come across with some more trendy and quirky website, leave a comment below. These website are now blessings for many bloggers, marketers, and designers as these images are free to use and user need not to pay any perk for using them.

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