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What Is Cold Email & Is This Spam?

Yesterday the union budget 2019 was passed by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman which gave a sign of relief to startups. Govt eases Angel Tax regulations to give boost to startups. Many startups are coming with innovative ideas to cater the market and ability take away small chunks of share from the competitors. Here comes the role of cold email. The question is what cold email is and how it is going to help in growing business economy.

Is cold email Spam?

Let me explain you in layman terms. When you just check some of the prospective HR of your relevant industry and wants to send email them directly in their mail box. While sending you don’t have any prior relationship or connect with the user. Cold Emails are those emails which are sent without prior permission from or network contact to the prospective recipient. Cold emails are best way of giving your best elevator pitch.


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