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What Is Cold Email & Is This Spam?

Yesterday the union budget 2019 was passed by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman which gave a sign of relief to startups. Govt eases Angel Tax regulations to give boost to startups. Many startups are coming with innovative ideas to cater the market and ability take away small chunks of share from the competitors. Here comes the role of cold email. The question is what cold email is and how it is going to help in growing business economy.

Is cold email Spam?

Let me explain you in layman terms. When you just check some of the prospective HR of your relevant industry and wants to send email them directly in their mail box. While sending you don’t have any prior relationship or connect with the user. Cold Emails are those emails which are sent without prior permission from or network contact to the prospective recipient. Cold emails are best way of giving your best elevator pitch.

These cold emails are usually sent to a qualified prospective buyer, meaning that at least some prior research has been done on whether the recipient is a fit and that email address has been confirmed.

Cold email is an awesome way of getting connected with the prospective buyers for all businesses because it’s affordable, scalable, and effective. These benefits are even more apparent for small businesses.

During the last decade, cold emails has emerged one of the very effective sales tools for businesses, startups. If this technique of catering business is used poorly then it may harm and damage your business. Likewise, if it is done well, it converts prospects into customers and lead generation and increases market share maximization.

As long as cold email is concerned sender has to obey the CAN-SPAM Act regulation.

When you send a cold email, you’re inviting someone to check out your brand and your product (services/goods/ideas) offerings so they might become a customer. However, you choose prospective buyers based on data or information you’ve collected about them. Nowadays expert digital marketers get these data from email harvesting from the web.

Is cold email Spam?

Not necessarily it can be assumed as spam as long it is legitimate. If the email has proper hand shaking of SPF and DKIM configuration, the chances are that it gets delivered in the inbox of recipient. The only chances those if it is mass delivered and impersonal then chances are high that email gets landed in the spam folder of the recipient.

Even the personal specific emails can fall into the category of spam if the recipient has no valid reason to hear from you and marked those email as spam.

Spam gets your email address blacklisted and results in lost sales. Cold emails, on the other hand, slowly and gradually help you win sales and improve your brand reputation online.


In coming days, you are going to witness many cold emails of startups in our inbox with their brands, products and services as long the sender complying the rules and regulations of CAN-SPAM act, they are able to send emails to business people that they do not know.

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Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar
4 years ago

Awesome sir , I understand the meaning of cold email easily . I m getting these types of emails from different brands in recent days. Now I know , how it comes